New Star Wars Character: General Phallus

Greg got a General Pharl McQuarrie Star Wars action figure for Christmas.

His head pops off very easily and as I was sticking it back on I noticed that his neck is actually the end of a penis.

I think I remember a General Phallus from the Return of the Jedi.


Anonymous said...

maybe its an action figure of the guy who created the star wars prequels

Anonymous said...

Well I know what your penis looks like.
I think your wife will be mad over this one. It wasnt enough to have it hanging out of the top of your pants by the water cooler?? Now you are putting it in kids action figures??
HJ...*tisk* *tisk*

Anonymous said...

I assume it's meant to be Ralph McQuarrie ...He was one of the creators of the look of the original series.

Anonymous said...

you have a small penis

HolyJuan said...

It may be small, but it's skinny.

Anonymous said...

Oh! The perfect gift for the female (or gay male) Star Wars nerd who never can seem to find a date!!!