Words and Phrases You Should Hate

Here is a list of common words and phrases I cannot stand. See if your hated verbiage is in the list!

This word completely pisses me off. Perhaps it is how falls out of the mouth with such disdain. Or that it is one of the few words in which you don’t use your tongue to pronounce. Most of all, it’s the compression of so much indifference that is crammed into a three letter word. People use it to replace pages of text and explanation. It’s like saying, “I don’t care about you or your opinion enough to reply with anything but a monosyllabic, muted yelp." On top of all that, I'm compelled to say it out loud whenever I read it. Meh. Yuck.

You’ve got your work cut out for you
Who thought of this crappy phrase? It’s ass backwards. The phrase is supposed to mean that you have a tough job ahead with a lot of pain and suffering sprinkled on top. I think most people understand it as such when reading or hearing it. But what I don’t get is that if your work is all ready cut out for you, the first step would be done and you’d be that much closer to completing your task. What would be a lot of work is if you had to cut the work out yourself and then do it. I guess that phrase would be, “You’ve got your work to cut out.” Now that I’ve written it, I’m not so pleased with that one either.

Don’t go there
This phrase has crossed ethnic boundaries and become popular with whitey which has caused it to fail. A lot of times you will see this phrase accentuated with "uh-huh" and "girl" and various closed mouth noises and finger wagging. By saying "Don't go there" you are admitting guilt of having been "there" and of doing something embarrassing while "there." Just don’t go there.

This word is used too often and people don’t really know its true power. Absolutely is a commanding word with no ifs ands or buts. It should be used with caution. If someone responds “absolutely” to your question, you should feel empowered and take them up on it. I get it a lot when asking to speak to someone over the phone. “Can I please speak with Mr. Jones?” “Absolutely.” At that moment, I am thusly sanctioned to let Mr. Jones hear what ever I want to tell him about my kids or my thoughts on how he’s running his company into the ground. Next time someone says “absolutely” to you, clarify that is what they said and then have at it.

I simply don’t like this word because I never get to use it. I am the one who get his ass handed to him in games and arguments. I suck.

I don’t blame anyone but myself for this one. For years, I thought that “a couple” could mean two or three or four. The dictionary might say that the informal definition is “a few; several: a couple of days,” but 98% of the world has corrected me. One co-worker solidified her stance with the well known Ohio phrase “a couple three” which when uttered can be used to describe how much beer to pick up. “Since Tommy’s bringing his kids, you might ‘unt to pick up a couple three cases of Pabst.”

Unless it’s said by a stoner guy, awesome grates on my nerves. NASA seems to over use it to describe stuff in space. If it’s a stone guy describing stuff in space, I’m 50/50.

Top Ten
I dislike top ten, mainly because you can guarantee that the list is faulty or open to debate. The only Top Ten list I ever saw that was even close to being dead on was Yang Sma's Top Ten List of molds, spores and fungi. He pretty much nailed that one.

Christ. Blog is such an overly fanciful word. Only because it describes what I am doing now. And what the annoying stay at home mom across the street is doing. And most twelve year olds. I hate that the outlet for my brilliance is described in the same way as the writings of Lisa’s two cats or Bob’s internal struggle with coming out of the closet. Someone needs to come up with a new word so that I can move on.

Git r done
Without question, the worst phrase ever uttered, right after “The stripper you knocked up is talking to your wife about the venereal disease she gave you.”


Anonymous said...

How about Dlog? Short for Dougs dialogue? Dlogue??
Shoot..I say absolutely all the time. Of course , I mean it!

Anonymous said...

I have a hatred for the pharse:
"easy come, easy go"

Anonymous said...

Hey Juan, I got some for you...
"It's all the way across town."
What the f@#k does that mean? I guess if I lived in a city that was 500 square miles across this would be some sort of issue.
"Well, whadya gonna do?"
All I can do when I hear that is take a deep breath, because usually I have just finished explaining exactly what it is I AM going to DO.
"That's how they get ya"
That's my favorite. The ultimate conspiracy that everyone, everywhere is ultimate trying to cheat you. No, that's how you are dumb, and can't figure things out.
Love and Kisses...

HolyJuan said...

Kitty, you made me think of "behind my back." I think that your back faces outward behind you and that if something was behind your back, it would be in front of your front.

You'd want to say someone did something in front of my back.

Anonymous said...

An Awesome Blog. Absolutley! Top Ten for sure. You really know how to Get r Done. --Loy

Michele said...

Instead of Blog you could call it a 'website', because.. IT IS!

I hate 'meme', it's just plain stupid, it ranks right up there with 'emo'.

MEH reminds me of some old guy, "Meh, I don't give a damn!"

I do like 'don't go there', it gets some people to shut the hell up and leave you alone.

Oh, and the last time I checked, a 'couple' was TWO. But, I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

I started to read your blog but then.. meh..

Gross|Photo said...

You got that right!!! This one sorta grates on me...