Looking Back

“Hindsight is 20/20. Foresight is 50/50” – Emmanuel Gevas

I tend to reminisce. Not that everything than happened before today was better. I have had a lot of experiences and enjoy remembering them. I’m actually very happy to be living right now. I hope to be living right now for many years to come.

There is one thing I do not like looking back upon. It seems that I can look back about a year and say to myself, “What was I thinking? Idiot! What the hell was I doing?” The problem is that I do this every year. Look back a year. Wonder in amazement at the idiotic choices I was making. And then I realized something:

A year from now, I will be looking back to today and be amazed at the idiotic decisions I was making. Am making? Are maked.

So I’m screwed.

All I can say is future me is a real jerk and he should realize I'm right on the edge. I don't know what comes next.

I’m going to hate myself for writing that. At least I’ve got a year before I have to think about it again.

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HolyJuan said...

Emmanuel Gevas was our Palmer Street landlord at Ohio University. He went by the name Mr. Gevas and he drove a blue van.