"I Love Me. Who Do You Love?" available on Amazon

Thanks to a number of friends and fans, I was able to publish a collection of stories and posts from HolyJuan.com.  That book is now available on Amazon (I Love Me. Who Do You Love?)

If you go to the link, you can preview a bit of it with the "Look Inside" feature.  You will note that there are full sentences and some instances of proper grammar.  It is available in hard copy and for Kindle.

Thanks to those of you that contributed and you other fucking slackers who have been enjoying HolyJuan for FREE over the past 11 years need to pony up and buy a stinking copy.  If you are completely down on your luck, I do have a number of .mobi copies that I can give away for free. Email me at holyjuan@gmail.com if you would like a copy for your device.

Blackheart Dinosaur - Unpopular Rock

My buddy's band enter in the RPM challenge to make a record in a month or less.  I'm not sure how well the player is going to appear on this site, but you can use the link below to get there.

blackheartdino's player:


Update Your Laminated List Day

I think everyone is aware that February 25th is the Annual Update Your Laminated List Day.

As you all know, a Laminated List is the three famous people with whom your spouse/significant other will allow you to have sex with if ever the opportunity presents itself. If you happen to run into one of your three famous people and they are drunk enough to let you jump in the sack / couch / Uber with you, then you have permission to have guilt free sex with any one of the three people on that list.

My list has only changed slightly with the removal of Kat Dennings (I’m starting to think I can trick Miss Sally into putting Kat on her list) and the addition of Cara Delevingne.

1. Christina Ricci (Still number one after all these years)
2. Milana Vayntrub (She’s the AT&T girl and my crushy crush)
3. Cara Delevingne (I don’t know what it is… but she makes my heart hurt)

Let’s hear what your three picks are!


My KickStarter was funded!  Thank you to everyone who donated and still might want to donate.  I'm getting some numbers together to see about creating an audio book.  Yes, an audio book.

There is still time to donate and get in on some of the awesome rewards!


KickStarter for a HolyJuan book

Hello friends of HolyJuan.com;

I have created a KickStarter to fund publishing my first book.  Please take a look at the link below and help me to get this off the ground.


Thanks to all of you who have stuck around all these years.  I did this for me, but really is was for you. (It was really just for me.)

Strange Disappearances

My loyal readers may note that some of my articles are going to missing links.  I hate to say that I ran afoul of some bad hombres and they kidnapped some of my best articles and are holding them digitally hostage for ransom.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience and hope to be able to get those articles back out in public as soon as possible.  There are still plenty of other horribly written items to read.