The Mostly All Inclusive Family Restroom Sign

My good friend, Stephanie, is a graphic designer and created this mostly all inclusive family restroom sign:


Anonymous said...

Perhaps a wheelchair might be nice? i guess we are less important than dogs?

HolyJuan said...

I'm not sure you understand what a "Family Restroom" is. A family restroom is a place where opposite sex persons can enter a bathroom. So two lesbians with a son or two gay men and a daughter don't have to use just a WOMEN'S or MEN'S bathroom.

And yes, those in wheelchairs are less important than dogs. Only less than both of those is dogs in wheelchairs. We don't have a bathroom sign for them yet.

Matilda Sandford said...

She should print out those signs and create a real one for it. It looks nice and the family member combination is precise.