The Worst Hotel Internet Ever

While budgeting for the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), I used my mathematic skills to pick the lowest priced, convention supported hotel. For $99 a night, I stayed at the Kawada Hotel. For an extra $10, I received internet access.

In the room, I searched around the desk for the internet connection. Not there. It also wasn’t near the 1950’s kitchenette.

Ah ha, behind the bed. Well, at least it was in the proper location for me to look at porn.

The CAT5 cable was about 18” long. I thought it might have been on some high-tech spool, but there was nothing hi-tech about the set up.

The laptop wouldn’t even reach to my lap whilst lounging in the bed. I could either situate it on the top of the bed and kneel up against the frame to use it.

Or I could stack it on a few pillows and sit cross legged, which what I ended up doing. Someone could really injure themselves looking at the internet like that.

To top it off, the internet was slow. Really, really fucking slow. The log in page took about five minutes to load and the Google home page about three minutes. I waited half an hour for a Google Map to load. At this rate, porn would be impossible.

Luckily, I fucked around with the DSL box and found that if I unplugged the room phone from the box, the internet was unleashed. I also think I forgot to re-connect the phone when I left.

Worst. Hotel. Internet. Ever.

FYI: on my last night there, I threw my back out trying to look at Stupid Kawada Hotel.


Shaper85 said...

Most hotels I go to don't even have a wire - its all wireless and we just get a username and password to access the network on check-in. It seems pretty cumbersome to have this contraption.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should have just knelt and leaned rather than crossing.