Ask HolyJuan: Nosey Neighbor

Dear HolyJuan,

I've got a neighbor that just can't keep well enough alone. I won't go into detail about his other transgressions, but yesterday he asked me what I paid for my house. I ended up telling him in very round figures, but I was very uncomfortable.

How would you suggest I deal with similar situations in the future?


Victorian Gingerbread

Dear Victorian Gingerbread,

You do realize you live in a Victorian Gingerbread? You've got bigger problems than your neighbor.

Get the fuck out and write me back once you move into something that doesn't require me to leave my testicles at the door when I enter.




Kevin Pfefferle said...

House sales figures are public record, often available online from your local County Auditor.

For example, HolyJuan bought his house for $197,500 in 2006.

Doug said...

That's what I get for posting my address.