Things I remember that make me old

I know what cc really stands for.
I remember the sweet, sweet smell of the mimeograph.
I know why we say “dial” a phone number or “turn” it to a certain television channel.
I’ve stood in line to play Dragon’s Lair. (and paid the $.50 premium.)
I always wanted to duel to Marathon candy bar Cowboy Guy in a candy bar duel.

And if not him, then the Hubba Bubba Cowboy (though he was a lot more fem.)
I’ve illegally copied music by holding a tape recorder up to an AM radio.
That you used to have to push record and play to get it to just record.
I’ve opened a new box of lawn jarts.
Opened a can of Spam with a key.
Opened a bank account with one dollar.
I know what a bank book is.
I know there used to be leaded gas.
Watermelon only came in the summer.
They used to whack kids with a paddle in school.
I was one of those kids. (4th grade and 7th grade)
There were silver coins still in circulation.
The local Dairy Queen had the first big bug zapper in town and people drove from miles around to watch it kill flies.
When you returned bottles, they sent them back to the factory to get refilled.
Breaking a thermometer in science class meant a half hour of cleaning fun for the whole class.


The Nag said...

You left out hula hoops :-)

Schuyler said...

And why the clicker is called that.

Anonymous said...

How about eating at Burger Chef? Kudos to them for entroducing the first openly gay couple, Burger Chef and Jeff. The best culinary life partners in history. At least until Bobby Flay finally comes out of the closet with his lover.

Anonymous said...

Too funny. Burger Chef and Jeff...I hated them even though I was a kid. I never thought about them being gay. I mean you just didn't talk about that in the day.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Space Ace or the original Street Fighter that you had to pound the pads to fight.

Good times


Crystallyn said...

OMG I could have written this list. Except it was 6th grade for me...throwing snowballs!

Whatever happened to Marathon bars! I had forgotten about them till I saw that pic! I loved those!

Mr. Phip said...

This list reminds me of the time my older sister was taking pictures with her digital camera of her two young daughters. We were outside on a sunny day and a glare was present, so my sister was using the actual view-finder (little window on the camera) to line up the shots. Her five year old daughter suddenly asks "What are you doing, why do you have the camera pressed to your face?"
She literally had no concept of a camera that didn't have a screen to line up shots. It's funny, the little things that young generations will find mind-boggling as we grow older...