Ten Things About Sesame Street You Probably Didn't Know

1. Sesame Street could not find sponsors for their very first show. So instead of names, they put “Sponsored by A” and ”Sponsored by B” as placeholders in the credits. It was read on air and, besides making the second sponsor a number, has stuck ever since.

2. Snuffleupagus is controlled by only one puppeteer. Big bird is controlled by two, one on top the other’s shoulders.

3. The pilot for Sesame Street was shot in black and white. Reviewers were concerned that Oscar the Grouch looked black and producers ensured that he was green when the show switched to color.

4. Every episode has someone/something counting from 1 to 10, reciting the entire alphabet and at least one person says "bird".

5. All the puppets, except for Oscar the Grouch, are individually made for each show and disposed of after shooting. Oscar is made out of shag carpet which is much more durable.

6. Sesame Street is a real neighborhood located in New York. The crew must wait until after 10:00am on sunny days to block off the street, sweep the clouds away and begin shooting. Rumors that homeless people are forcibly relocated to another neighborhood in what has come to be known as the "Sesame Trail of Tears" have not been substantiated.

7. Kermit the frog and several other characters walked off the show in the middle of a shoot to start their own variety show on another network.

8. Mr. Hooper did not die as previously thought. Failed contract negotiations forced him off the show, and when he saw the episode of himself dying, he died two days later. Subsequent to his death, Mr. Hooper's corpse appeared on Sesame Street six more times.

9. Maria and Luis have fixed three toasters in their fix-it shop, though many people swear it is more. Over the course of the show's run, parts from 14 stolen cars have been recovered from the shop, but Maria and Luis have denied any knowledge of how they came to be found there.

10. Sesame Street was the first show on television to show an interracial married couple. The birth of their non-mixed-race child led to an eventual separation.


Eric Lester said...

I just never felt right about that goddam bird.

Anonymous said...

You do a fine line in bullshit, I salute thee!

Signe said...

OK, I started out thinking "is this a joke or true?" and the more I read the more clear it became! You're great!