Ten things not to buy used

Rectal Thermometer
Lawn mower (just can't trust them)
Tissue (Don't believe the "only half used")
Prescription medicine
Hearse (you think it might be cool, but it’s not)
Prosthetic groin
Surfers (rent only)
Turd (though finding an unused one is tough)


DogsDontPurr said...

No, a hearse actually is cool, dude!. In the state of Washington, they are considered in the same way that a limo is: "for hire." Your passengers can legally drink in the back!!

Business up front, party in the back. (Kind of like a mullet.) Isn't that how all things should be?!

Rach said...

urm I'm not sure where you shop, but you mean people sell used condoms?

Doug said...

They rinse them out.