Life Should Be More Like T-Ball

In T-Ball, everyone gets to bat once an inning.

In T-Ball, the last kid up automatically gets a home run.

In T-Ball, you can play in the dirt and not get yelled at.

In T-Ball, it’s pretty good if you can throw the ball and even better if it is in the general direction of where it is supposed to go.

In T-Ball, getting hit by the ball doesn’t hurt that much.

In T-Ball, there is no score.

In T-Ball, fans clap for pretty much anything that happens on the field, no matter which team does it.

At the end of T-Ball, there is a snack and a drink.

And at the end of the T-Ball game, there are two game balls to give away and even five year olds can do the math that tells them that someday, they’ll get the game ball.

Getting the game ball is pretty cool.

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Schuyler said...

The only thing that would be cooler, would be if this happened: